Programs Of The Moose

Moose Riders Activity Group


The Moose Riders are consistently among the fastest growing and most “active” of all Moose Lodge Activity Groups. The earliest evidence of Moose-related motorcycle groups is a motorcycle patch found from a group affiliated with the Greater Chicago 3 Moose Lodge, which ceased operations in 1992. The "Moose Rider" group's origins and first use of the name goes back to the Lafferty, OH Lodge 1462 between 1994 and 1996, when several Lodge motorcycle enthusiasts became known as “the Moose riders”. The first official Moose Rider group meeting was held on April 1st of 1996. The Ohio Moose Association Moose Riders held their first “Bike-A-Rama” on August 24, 1996. When David Chambers became General Governor in 1996 the Ohio Moose Association Moose Riders were already established. He subsequently had numerous conversations with them regarding their program and created a set of operational guides (originally known as by-laws) for them and used these as a model for the rest of the fraternity. When Steve Greene became the General Governor, he adapted the available materials into the Guidelines that are currently in use and enforced. For info about the MONTEREY MOOSE RIDERS Contact Rider's President Derrick Morris.

Safe Surfin' Internet Safety


Through the support of the Moose International family, we have raised public awareness for the need of Internet safety education, and have promoted the availability of these educational materials to schools, libraries, and law enforcement. Moose members have and continue to sponsor educational programs at their Lodges and have reached out to other civic groups throughout their communities. The Moose/SSF partnership continues to present numerous opportunities for positive publicity for the fraternity with our nationwide involvement as we strive to protect children and sharing this important information to as many communities as possible. SSF appreciates the men and women of the Moose as they continue their commitment to help protect the innocent and effect legislation in their political jurisdictions for Internet safety to be a mandatory part of every household and every school’s curriculum. Together we will make a difference!

Tommy Moose Program


The Tommy Moose® program is easily one of the most successful Community Service outreach programs in the history of the Loyal Order of Moose. Its success lies in its simple message and uncomplicated structure. Moose Lodges and Chapters across the U.S. and Canada have purchased over 100,000 Tommy Moose plush dolls and presented them to Police, Fire, and other Emergency Workers, to be carried in their vehicles. The Tommy dolls are given to children who have been encountered during stressful or traumatic situations, calming them, and giving them a soothing object to refocus their attention toward, while emergency aid takes place. Use the links below to help you in planning your Tommy Moose event.

Valued Veterans


Edwin Baptista
Thomas Broome
Aimee Barrilleaux
Vincent Catania
Bennie Cooper
Gary Decker
Pete Duvall
Joseph Gonzales
Daniel "Spot" Fields
Fred Harris
Michael Henry
Amy Hill
Eric (Rick) Langerstrom
Curtis McKeithen
John Mulcaehy
Charles William (Bill) Northup
Robert Pagan
Robert Rhoades
Ross Seely
Wayne Thomas
Walter "Wally" Thorpe
Billy  Wiliams

To add your name to the list of lodge veterans email Mark at

Moose Cares


What is the Moose Cares Program?  Members of Monterey Lodge #876 go out in to the community and do charity and volunteer work monthly. We visit convalescent hospitals, beach clean ups, civic events and more. 

Junior Moose


 What is the Junior Moose Program?  It is a way to get the children of our lodge involved here at the Monterey Moose Lodge & Family Center. A program designed to teach kids about responsibility and values of giving back. The Junior Moose program will get our children learning the great mission of the Moose, and they can work side by side with you in achieving that goal. Kids will learn the rewards of giving of their time and talents while caring for others. Tasks may include assisting at youth carnivals, bussing tables at Moose events, helping the smaller kids with tasks, help with toy drives, tagging bears for Teddy Bears with Heart and more. Hopefully they can build a foundation of compassion and caring. Junior Moose membership open to members kids aged 8 and over. The dues for Junior Moose is $8 per year. Membership includes a Junior Moose T Shirt, Name Badge and chance to earn “Moose Bucks” to purchase rewards from the Junior Moose Store located at the lodge.  The teenage Junior Moose will be leaders for the younger kids.  For more info about the Junior Moose Program contact our Administrator, Mark Arellano at